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 About Us
      Jianhu Shen Hui ship outfitting factory, production, sales and service in one of professional manufacturers producing products ship outfitting. Plant is located in the famous land of plenty --- Yancheng Jianhu, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed runs through the north and south, away from the Nanjing Shanghai just over three hours, the traffic is very convenient.
      I plant mainly produces pipe clip, pipe joints, hoop, rope ladder, rope ladder dedicated boards, doors and windows covered, all kinds of ropes, etc.; special offers, drag caisson eight characters used in cable and cable asparagus. All kinds of chemical fiber cable. Widely used in shipyards, port handling, power tether, ocean transportation, national defense industry, oil exploration, fishing and other fields. Pipe clips and ropes of their products with anti-strength, oil resistance, anti-vibration, is a shipbuilding, chemical, oil pipelines necessary fasteners; anti-wear, corrosion resistance, smooth, soft, anti-static, easy to operate and so on. Well received by the customer's approval and trust.
      Our factory always adhere to "quality first, users first" purpose, adhering to the pursuit of first-class quality management concept, advanced technology, reliable quality, reasonable price and high quality after-sales service and dedication for our customers to provide quality products .
      Welcome new and old customers to visit, selection, negotiation.
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